Wood Underwear Biker Briefs & Henleys - with Operation 53, NFL Here We Go!

Posted On: 11th Mar 2024

Unveiling Tomorrow's Gridiron Stars: Inside Operation 53 Media Day at Athlete Innovations

Athlete Innovations - Wood Underwear

Product Launches: Several groundbreaking products were unveiled during the event, offering athletes new tools, wearables, and technologies to enhance their performance and recovery. Brand partners included Wood  Underwear, The Foot Collective, Hurdle Apparel, and Grip Boost.

Athlete Workouts and Demonstrations: Elite NFL prospects participated in interactive drills and demonstrations, showcasing skills and techniques tailored to enhance their performance in key combine and pro day exercises, such as the 40-yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, and bench press.

Nutrition and Recovery Strategies: Nutritionists and sports medicine specialists provided valuable guidance on fueling the body for optimal performance and implementing effective recovery strategies to maximize training gains and prevent injuries.

"I like these. It's soft, and I got to try it on; your fingers feel different than your, you know what.LOL"

     -Fabien "Fabo" Lovette, Florida State University (Combine Invite) (Code Sports Group Agency)

"I like the lounge pants. When I'm at home, I like to be in my boxers or lounge pants, and it's really soft for the chill time when I get it. It's rare that I have a down day, but these are fire for those chill times.

    -Cliff "Shaud" Brown, Athlete Innovations Sports Performance Director & Founder.

Fabien Lovett - Combine Invite in Wood Sky Henley

NFL Draft Dreams - Wood Sky Henley on Fabien Lovett

Thanks for repping us so well! Now go 'lay wood' at the Combine and Pro Day!