Q. Is there wood in Wood?

A. Wood isn't just a name. There is wood in Wood. It’s the fabric! Our partner, Lenzing, is at the pinnacle of fibers made from sustainable and eco-friendly wood material.  Read all about this amazing fabric here.

Q. Where can I buy Wood Underwear?

A. Right here! AND, check our store finder for a retailer near you. We love main street and we encourage you to support your local stores. #mainstreetmatters #shopsmall #buylocal

If you want your favorite retailer to carry Wood, let us know. We'll contact them. If they begin to carry us, there may even be something nice in it for you...as well as a 'thank you'.

Q. Why should I buy Wood over my current favorite?

A. You need to diversify your underwear drawer. Select the best underwear for whatever you're putting on over it of for whatever function you need. e.g. gym underwear is not date night underwear, longer leg briefs do not belong in a skinny jean.The right base layers make the rest or your wardrobe fit and feel better...that equals CONFIDENCE.

Wood Underwear is quality. Made of great materials. Comfortable AND sexy. And, our price point is great. PLUS, we're going to have fun building the story of Wood. We want you to have some fun with that too.

Q. Do you ship outside the U.S.

A. Yes, but...not everywhere. Feel free to contact us at info@woodunderwear.com if you have questions.