Why Wear an Undershirt? We'll tell you.

Posted On: 1st May 2019

It's undershirt weather! Yep. You heard right.

It's getting warmer out there and yes, it's time to add a layer, or keep that layer if you are already an undershirt afficionado.

A Few Benefits of Wearing an Undershirt:

  1. It's a protective layer for your shirt...a good undershirt protects your shirt from sweat, deodorants and other skin products - keeping it drier, fresher and helping it have a longer lifecycle
  2. Keeping you cooler in hotter months - a good undershirt provides wicking to keep moisture off your skin, keeping you cooler and drier, definitely more comfortable
  3. Keeping you warmer in colder months - an undershirt provides that extra layer of insulation in addition to keeping you drier...and more comfortable
  4. Keeps you looking a little slimmer - it's true, a good undershirt can 'mask' some of those extra pounds...doesn't have to be compression, it's just another layer that holds you in and lets your shirt hang better and in a more flattering way
  5. It's a bit of fashion, used as a layering piece, you can add extra flair to any combination of shirts, sweaters, and other top layers.