Why Irreverent Brand Wood Underwear Has Great Potential...

Posted On: 8th May 2019

Terresa Zimmerman is an unlikely fashion pioneer. She’s not a trend follower; she hates shopping. (In her former career, she was a B2B consultant to non-fashion companies in metals and technology.) Yet about eight years ago, brainstorming and networking with a lot of creative talent, Wood was born: an innovative new concept for men’s underwear, shirts and loungewear focused on luxury performance fabrics, comfort and sustainability. “I wanted the brand to be irreverent and fun,” she explains. “Being outdoor people and living in Hermosa Beach, a link with the beach and ocean sports is a natural. It embodies our core values: have fun, keep-it-real, aspire to push further no matter your sport, level or age. Of course, we are also about fashion, or our slightly irreverent take on it.”  

As a woman, she was initially skeptical of launching a men’s underwear brand, but her concerns were dissipated by lots of encouragement from her husband (who loved the product right away!) and by some solid market research indicating that her concept presented her, and the specialty stores she was targeting, a huge opportunity. “Stores make a lot of money selling socks; the replenishment rate (and margins) are at least the same in underwear yet at the time, there was minimal innovation and very few options. Between the basic multi-packs sold in discounters and the very expensive designer product was lots of blank space and lots of men missing out on great basics. I was determined to make underwear the next go-to category.”

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