ShoutOut North Carolina

Posted On: 5th Dec 2023

Shout Out North Carolina!

Meet Terresa Zimmerman - Founder, Author, Mentor

Shout Out North Carolina

We had the good fortune of connecting with Terresa Zimmerman and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Terresa, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
Before starting Wood, I was consulting in areas of marketing. When you are a consultant you are working on others projects, and I was starting to look for greater ‘ownership’ in my work – for the good, bad and ugly of it. Being in services all my life, deciding on a product focused business was a pretty high degree of risk and learning curve but super attractive to have something tangible to work on. Wood Underwear came about after a pretty comprehensive review of options and opportunities, including franchise opportunities and buying existing businesses. At the end of it, Wood came from a conversation and exploration with a dynamic group of young founders. After looking at the market and deciding men really had ‘nothing’ compared to women, and seeing I could carve a space out, I took the leap.

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