5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Wear a Jockstrap

Posted On: 18th Sep 2021

5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Wear a Jockstrap

For men, when it comes to protecting their genitals, let’s just say the struggle has been long and hard. (Puns always intended.)

Invented over 140 years ago, jockstraps were originally designed to help bicycle messengers in Boston support their you-know-what's when traveling across the city's bumpy cobblestone roads.

From there, the jockstrap continued to make a name for itself as a go-to protective undergarment for athletes, evolving to feature the infamous protective cup that saves athletes a lot of grief and anguish.

But here’s the thing:

Jockstraps are NOT exclusive to athletes ‒ and more men ARE making them a part of their everyday wardrobes.

History lessons, nut cups, and schoolboy puns aside, what really makes a jockstrap so special? Why are they the superior choice to other types of men’s underwear?

Stop associating jockstraps with smelly rocker rooms and discover 5 reasons why every man should wear a jockstrap! Wood has the scoop.

1. Optimal Support & Lift

Let's cut to the chase: Nothing is more awkward than having the boys slip out of your underwear mid-conversation or out in public.

Improper sizing has a lot to do with this phenomenon ‒ but the style and the type of underwear make all the difference between a man’s assured confidence and a cringe-worthy faux pas.

Designed with two elastic, non-binding waist straps that run left and right from the base of the frontal pouch, a jockstrap conforms to your natural size and shape, providing ample coverage, lift, and support WITHOUT all the excess fabric.

Maybe you have zero problems or shame adjusting the boys in public (and if so, all power to you). With a jockstrap, however, you won't ever need to run for cover or Houdini your way out of an uncomfortable slip-out or wedgie. Did we mention ZERO wedgies possible?!

No strain, No sag.

Dig the sounds of that? Read on to discover more reasons to wear a jockstrap!

2. All Day, Every Day Comfort

Underwear shouldn't be uncomfortable. Yet time and time again, your underwear leaves you feeling confined and unable to move freely and carefree.

Jockstraps have historically provided the right amount of fabric for superior support, breathability, and improved mobility during athletic activities ‒ but nowadays, more men are experiencing the versatility of jockstraps in and out of the gym.

Made from a luxurious, Lenzing modal cotton blend, Wood's jocks adapt to the natural contours of your groin area, covering the areas that matter most and providing lightweight comfort and softness down yonder. Featuring a non-binding waistband, a jockstrap will add definition to any outfit ‒ MINUS waist bulge and unflattering pant lines.

So, whether you're walking the dog, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, or puttering around the house, you'll forget you're even wearing underwear!

What could be better than that?

3. Fresh, Breathability

Imagine a world where you never experienced swamp ass or the painful sensation of pinched buttcrack and pubic hair.

If the image alone doesn't inspire you to stand wide-legged and stark-naked in the middle of a cool summer’s breeze, our jockstraps are sure to!

The breathable, ultra-wicking powers of Wood's Lenzing Modal cotton blend means better temperature regulation, less stink, and zero irritation. So, even if you're working up a sweat or galavanting on a humid day, the quick-drying capabilities of our jockstraps will provide the ventilation you need for longer and fresher wear.

What else is there to wearing a jockstrap?

4. Sexy Confidence

Many men and women will agree: Jockstraps are sexy.

Not only does the snug fit and lift of a jock add hefty definition to the genitals, but also makes butts and thighs look firmer and more defined. Because jockstraps minimize fabric, you’ll also show off more of those abs and pelvic area.

So, whether you’re flexing low-key in the mirror or putting it all out there for someone to see, a jockstrap is sure to provide the sexy confidence boost you deserve.

5. Improved Exercise Performance

Here at Wood, we encourage more men to rock jocks (and thongs) on the daily. They are an underrated and far superior undergarment for working at the office, doing house chores, thumbing away on our phones, and yes, getting down with foreplay.

Still, we're traditionalists when we also say: You should also wear a jockstrap for sports and exercise!

It's obvious why hockey and football players should go with the protective cup variety (and if it's not so obvious, two words: Nut Shots.) But when it comes to non-cup jockstraps, they can go a long way for runners, bikers, weight-lifters, and other athletes in low-impact sports. Here’s why:

Jocks are specially designed to keep the boys in place and minimize shifting when you're running, jumping, stretching, and bending. They maximize leg movement, and their lift and flexibility also reduce groin strains and keep genital slip-outs from turning into painful injuries. If you frequently experience aches in the groin area when you exercise, a plush, form-fitting jockstrap can also provide the relief you need.

Not to mention, the wicking powers of our Lenzing Modal cotton blend evaporate more sweat, reduce chafing, and keep fitness stink to a minimum. That way, you can work out comfortably and perform longer.

We like the sounds of that!

Tips for Wearing Jockstraps

Ready to step up your underwear game and make jockstraps a part of your everyday wardrobe?

You won’t be sorry! While you shop around for jockstraps, we’ve provided the following tips and tricks for you to keep in mind:

Get the sizing right.

While jockstraps should fit snugly, they should also feel comfortable and provide maximum breathability. As a general rule of thumb, measure your waist and match your waist size to our sizing chart.

From there, you should also pay close attention to cup size. You don’t want sagginess, but you also want to make sure the boys can breathe down there. Don't go too tight, that can be a damper.

Machine wash with similar colors & tumble dry on low heat.

Want to take extra special care of your jockstraps and keep them from turning ratty? Just like mama taught you: Separate your colors ‒ wash in cool and tumble dry on low heat to maintain the durability and quality of your jocks. It’s that simple.

Experience the Difference with Wood Underwear's Jockstraps

If you’re stoked to join the wave of men who are experiencing more freedom and confidence with their underwear, Wood’s got all your jockstrap needs covered! View our selection of jocks and thongs ‒ or keep it old school with trunks, boxers, and briefs. Whatever your heart desires! Live it up. Diversify that underwear drawer.

Have questions about jockstraps or need help finding the right type of underwear? Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.