Underwear Fundamental to Your Wardrobe

Posted On: 31st Mar 2023

Men's Premium Underwear

Men! Underwear is a Fundamental Part of Your Wardrobe – Wood’s Got You Covered

The Right Underwear Makes Your Entire Wardrobe Better

Get it Right and You’ll Have Confidence and Comfort You Never Dreamed of.

As a fundamental part of your wardrobe, like literally, the foundation, the base, the first layer that sets up the rest, be sure it’s not an afterthought. Invest a little in Men’s Premium Underwear and the ROI in the rest of your wardrobe goes up and up.

You spend time and treasure planning what you wear. You buy a pair of pants, to you think about the belt? The socks? The shoes? Now you can add underwear to that list. Having the most appropriate underwear for the pants you’re wearing, the function you need them to have, the environment you’re playing in is important.

For example, and this is an easy one that we repeat and repeat and repeat: gym underwear is NOT date night underwear. Truly. Everyone gets it.

What everyone may not get is why you should choose a boxer brief vs a hip brief sometimes. Lets say its 90 degrees and humid. Lets say you’re wearing a slimmer fit trouser or a light weight fabric. If you put a boxer brief in those pants you may show an underwear line, you may struggle laying the fabric flat in a slim pant. For sure you will be holding heat with the extra fabric of an underwear with a leg. In this case, a hip brief is ideal: no visible leg line, less fabric means less heat, no fabric scrunch. Men’s Hip Briefs have a place in every man’s underwear drawer for exactly these reasons.

Key Message: Diversify your Underwear Drawer

Don’t know if you can navigate a diversified underwear drawer?

We’ve got you covered. Use the Wood Underwear Life-Style Guide for some great and easy wardrobing tips.

Wood Hip Briefs, perfect for:

  • Slimmer or tailored fit pant
  • No visible leg line
  • When you prefer or need less fabric, e.g. hotter days
  • Bun hugging silhouette, flatters those legs

Wood Trunk, a 1” inseam, perfect for:

  • Slimmer or tailored fit pant
  • When you prefer or need less fabric but HAVE to have that leg
  • Best features of Hip Brief mixed with Boxer Brief
  • Flatters those legs…and Always date night ready!

Wood Boxer Brief, a 3” inseam, perfect for:

  • Second skin comfort
  • Most versatile coverage
  • Protection of inner thighs
  • When you prefer or need more coverage

Wood Biker Brief, a 6” inseam, perfect for:

  • Second skin comfort
  • Protection of inner thighs, no chaffing
  • When you prefer or need more coverage
  • Great silhouette for extra long or large legs

Wood Jocks and Thongs, perfect for:

  • Everything stays where you put it confidence
  • Full Support
  • Ample Breathability
  • Less fabric so great for hot days and slimmer pants

There is wood in Wood Underwear® - naturally breathable fabric blends give you the best of all fibers.

  • Exceptionally soft and durable
  • Sustainable & biodegradable fibers
  • Moisture wicking and temperature regulating

Improve your wardrobe. Improve your confidence.

Get your Wood on!

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