Trends in Men’s – The Customer is Getting Younger and Walking into Stores

Posted On: 22nd Feb 2023

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Men’s stores are attracting more customers and those customers are younger…yes, IN the store. They are walking in stores. We at Wood Underwear love this!

How are they doing it? Attracting a generation of customers who grew up online…and had those habits reinforced for (too long) a time by store shutdowns? Yes, true.


Tactile experience – you get to touch and feel and try on products. Online browsing is not the same as a physical shopping experience. When you browse online, you are putting parameters into a search engine. You’ve got something in mind. What if you don’t know what you want and you just want to run into it? You can do it online, but that kind of time and patience isn’t for everyone. A quick turn through a store and you’ll bump into all kinds of things you didn’t know you were looking for….and you get to touch them, feel them, try them on. And, talk to someone about them. Which leads us to the next why.

Education – store merchants, especially specialty store merchants who very often are also the owners, are very happy to talk to you about fabrics, differences, features, how they wear, and why they’re important enough to be part of the stores curation. And they can tell you about fits. Is an undershirt really just a t-shirt for example? No way, no how. The fit of an undershirt is completely different because it’s meant as a base layer. A second skin. We can talk forever about the importance of undershirts. ;-) You’ll get real information and not just hype from these store merchants. And guess what? You’re going to be so much happier about your purchase and confident in your wardrobe because of it.

Wardrobing – store merchants can help you look at your purchases holistically to assure your clothing and accessories come together for you as a complete wardrobe. Can’t you wear the same style and color of underwear for everything and every occasion? No. Truly. No. Is a pocket square for you? When? With what kind of jacket? What about belts? Have you ever tried braces instead? These are the conversation store merchants are very happy to discuss with you and help you decide what fits you.

And in the end, you’ll have the right pieces, that go together, for the right occasions. And, you’ll look and feel it. Find a specialty men’s store near you on our storefinder.