Snug autumn style trends to keep you cozy

Posted On: 21st Oct 2022

Snug Summer Styles

Snug autumn style trends to keep you cozy

Queer Forty Staff

4 min read

We’ve searched for some cool items to keep you warm as the weather turns nippy.

It’s sweater and boot weather, time to reach into the closet and pull out the items that give you comfort at this time of year. And we’ve found a few extras that you might feel like ordering online.

Wood Underwear Hoodie and Trunks

Just because the weather has turned cooler doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look cute as well as warm in your underthings. Wood Underwear has come out with a new line of chic, comfy, supportive, and stylish undergarments for men and nonbinary folks and we love their underwear Hoodie and Trunks in Iron, or Hoodie and Tailored Lounge Pants in Olive. Wood Underwear also make great boxers, briefs and thongs that are affordable with comfort guaranteed. They also make a luxe cashmere line, watch the video here explaining why cashmere underwear is a thing. As the tag line says, Wood is good.