Why Wood? It's the Fabric...oh, and we're having a little fun

Posted On: 13th Aug 2019

Why Wood? It's the Fabric! Where was YOUR mind?

We are having some fun, for sure. But, there is wood in Wood. 

Wood products are made with blends of Modal/cotton or Tencel/Cotton. These are wood cellulose fibers. In the case of modal - it's beech tree cellulose. Self-propogating forests. No need to cut down trees to harvest. And more. This is an amazing fiber. Super soft. Gives you the amazing hand feel. And, these fibers add the technical properties, including wicking, to cotton blend fabric that make a perfect combo for underwear and basics that lay on your skin. Tencel and Modal are properties of Lenzing - www.lenzing.com. If you want to geek out on the details and learn about the amazing sustainability of these fibers and their processes, spend some time on their website. Crazy cool.

Try Wood. We hope you love it.