Shop Local. Shop Small.

Posted On: 18th May 2021

Shop Local. Shop Small. It’s Critical.

You’ve developed new pandemic shopping habits that, given their expansion the last 15 months, are probably Amazon-centric. Now we’re starting to get out of our houses and back to school and work. Will your shopping habits also change? Please make sure they do. Shopping locally and shopping small has never been more important.

How would I shop without Amazon?!

You’re not a “shopper”? Neither am I. Need the convenience of online? I get it. AND it doesn’t have to be Amazon. Truly. You can survive and still shop without Amazon involved. It will take a bit of intention, but you can actually buy things online ( for example), by text, by email, by phone, from local stores, with much better service levels.

Local stores are more and more online.

Retrain your browser to remove amazon listings from your search. You’ll be amazed. Small stores, more and more have online presence. Even if it’s a Facebook store. Local. Convenient. Done. AND…

Local stores can be your virtual personal shopper. Ultimate service.

Wait until you hear this: your local stores can be your personal shopper! It’s true. You can call (or email) your local xyz store. Talk to the owner or manager. Tell them what you are looking for….most are very happy to find it for you…even if you don’t really know what you want. It’s a conversation that turns into an amazing non-shopping shopping experience. Then ship it or curb-side it for you.

Personal shopping and local shopping combined. Ultimate service.

There are so many reasons to buy local and shop small – great for your neighborhoods, communities, sustainability, the environment, local employment, small business owners, and more.

Introduce yourself to your local small businesses. Try it. Make it a habit. You’ll find, they go above and beyond.

FYI - I cancelled my Prime account 4 years ago and haven’t looked back.

- Terresa Z

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