Wood Underwear & One Tree Planted

Wood Hearts OTP




Wood Underwear® Planting Trees in Partnership with One Tree Planted

For every Wood order, we'll plant one tree! 1 order = 1 tree!

We plan to plant a lot of them.


Why Trees? Trees are remarkable.

They are the most affordable and efficient carbon capturing machines on the planet.

And that’s not even mentioning all the biodiversity, water, social and economic impacts they offer.


Why Trees and Wood Underwear?

  • Obviously, it’s in the Wood name
  • And, it’s in the fabric – natural, sustainable fibers
  • We support active outdoor lifestyles and must protect those spaces for healthy use
  • We’re all connected – as part of the apparel industry we’re committed to doing better
  • Trees are fundamental


We're honored to work with One Tree Planted on reforestation efforts that benefit us all! 

Learn more at One Tree Planted


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